GCE Circle Work and Ken Lawton Weekend

Date or timeframe: 11-06-2004 / 14-06-2004
Venue: GC House
City: Kiel
Country: Germany
Category(-ies): /

with Ken Lawton and Guitar Craft Mentors.

We’re happy to announce that the first “GCE Circle Work and Ken Lawton Weekend” will take place in the GC House Kiel, beginning on June 11th (Friday) and completing on June 14th (Monday). Friday: arrivals in the afternoon, dinner at 19:00, Inaugural Meeting at 21:00.  Monday: Performance & Feast for Ken and invited guests. Tuesday: departures in the morning.

Ken Lawton is a Psychotherapist and Healer that has worked extensively with Crafties upon RF’s recommendation for many years now (Red Lion House, Claymont Court, Grossderschau House, BA Circle, etc), Ken will be available for individual sessions during the day and also work with the group in the evenings (Q and A).

We’ll also offer guided Circle Work and individual guitar work, under the leadership of several experienced Mentors. Working in the House, Kitchen and the Garden is part of this weekend.

The weekend is open to Crafties who have attended at least a GC L1 Course and are recommended by a GC Instructor or Mentor. In order to attend please contact us very soon, define your arrival and departure dates and times, you’ll receive detailed information (form of payment, what to bring, how to get to the house, etc).

The attendance fee for the weekend including housing, catering and one individual session with Ken is Eu 240, additional sessions are available as needed, Eu 40 each.

Those of you currently participating in the L4 AAD and/or those of you that will attend the upcoming L3 are entitled for a special 50% discount (Weekend Eu 120, additional sessions are still Eu 40).

It is also possible to visit for one or two days, or even for a meeting with Ken.

Email European Guitar Craft Registrar for more information: europe at guitarcraft dot com

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