Alexander Technique Extensive Project

Date or timeframe: 01-09-2004 / 01-05-2005
City: Atlanta, GA
Country: United States
Category(-ies): /

with Sandra Bain Cushman.

The Center for Creative Aspiration in Atlanta announces a year-long Alexander Technique Extensive project led by Sandra Bain Cushman. The project consists of 8 residential weekends at the CCA over a span of 9 months, beginning in September, 2004. The curriculum will include assigned readings and study of human anatomy. A web forum for work and support between weekends is an integral part of the project.

A concurrent At-A-Distance project is open to anyone who can support their participation at a distance with 2 lessons per month with an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Technique and/or periodic visits to the Atlanta weekends (availability of particular weekends will be determined by the CCA).

The project — both for Atlanta participants and for participants at-a-distance — involves a daily commitment to AT practice, assigned readings, and completion of assignments and challenges that arise in the course of the project. At-A-Distance participants will be members of the password-protected on-line forum for the CCA year-long AT Extensive project and will participate in assignments as they occur on the forum in response to the ongoing work in Atlanta.

For details and application, contact the Center for Creative Aspiration

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