Introduction to the New Standard Tuning

Date or timeframe: 10-10-2004
City: Santiago
Country: Chile
Category(-ies): /

with Zum (Luciano Pietrafesa, Shinkuro Matsuura y Fumihito Hatano).

The Introduction to the NST is open to anyone who wishes to attend. No prior experience is required. The focus will be on fundamental principles of the use of both hands, an introduction to the New Standard Tuning and an introduction to Guitar Circle work. Principles of GC Primary Exercises will be presented. This Introduction to NST is a preparation for those wish to attend upcoming Introductions to GC or a GC L1 Course with Robert Fripp. It is also an opportunity for those who have prior experience in GC and feel the need to continue working in this context, review and/or to reconnect.

Work will be done on steel-string acoustic guitars, using a pick.

Luciano Pietrafesa, Shinkuro Matsuura y Fumihito Hatano will direct this NST day, supported by the Santiago Guitar Circle.

Luciano, Shinkuro and Fumihito will also be available for personal meetings after the workshop. Those who wish a personal meeting, please let Arnaldo F. knows asap.

Cost for workshop: 20.000 Chilean Pesos. Personal meetings 7.500

For further information and application, please contact:

Arnaldo Ferruggiaro
Coventry 967, dpto. 402-A,
Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile
tel: (56 2) 752 18 33
fax: (56 2) 633 65 97

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