Guitar Craft Europe Circle Weekend

Date or timeframe: 03-12-2004 / 05-12-2004
Venue: GC House
City: Kiel
Country: Germany
Category(-ies): /

with Hernan Nuñez and Level 4 team and mentors

The ‘GC Europe Circle Weekend’ will take place in the GC House Kiel, from December 3rd (Friday, evening) to December 5th (Sunday, late evening), 2004. Participants are asked to arrive during the early afternoon of Friday 3rd and depart during the morning of Monday 6th.

This weekend is open to anyone who wishes to participate, has attended at least an Introduction to Guitar Craft and is recommended by a GC Instructor, Mentor or Buddy. Hernan Nuñez will direct this Course, assisted by the L4 Team. The guitar work in The Circle will be guided by Mikael Weichbrodt. Individual needs will be addressed as well. Kitchen and House Work will be guided by Mike Grenfell. Mariela Cardenas assisted by Laura Ossanna will guide the AT work.

In order to attend please contact us very soon at, send your travel info. You’ll receive detailed info (form of payment, what to bring, how to get to the house, etc).

The attendance fee for this Course is Eu 200.

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