The Guitar Circle Of Europe Autumn 2015 Preparation · AAD (At-A-Distance) Course

Date or timeframe: 23-11-2015 / 27-12-2015
Category(-ies): /

Directed by Hernán Nuñez
Themes: Dr. Mike Grenfell
Quality Practice: Mikael Weichbrodt
Repertoire & Applied Calisthenics: Horacio Pozzo

This five week Course is recommended as a preparation towards the upcoming BGE, OCG, and LCG Projects in Europe and Latin America, and is also open to those who can’t attend these projects but wish to be in contact with current GC work, and to keep learning/practising within Quality Practice, Repertoire, and Calisthenics.

The Course offers the opportunity to work over an extended period of time, guided by an experienced Team.

A series of Themes will also be introduced during the course by Dr. Mike; these will be for everyone and connect guitar work with our everyday lives.

A requirement for participation is having attended at least one Guitar Craft and/or Guitar Circle Course and having taken the principles presented seriously.

In order to participate, an Application Letter is requested:

Who are you? (please list all GC Courses that you have attended)
Why do you wish to participate?
What is your Aim?

Contribution: EUR 400
Argentina: P$ 900
Latin America and East Europe: ask for special terms if needed.

Inquiries, further info and Application Letters:

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