The Berlin Guitar Ensemble III – UK – Performance & Recording Project

Date or timeframe: 19-05-2014 / 26-05-2014
City: Nailsworth
Country: United Kingdom
Category(-ies): /

Directed by Hernán Nuñez.
Local Coordination by Chris Smith.

This project is open to those who have at least attended a Guitar Craft and/or a GCE/BGE Performance Project.

We’ll rehearse and prepare for an in-house Performance for invited guests on Friday 23rd, and a public one within the ‘Nailsworth Festival’ on Saturday 24th of May at 19:30 hs:

Nailsworth Town Hall
Old Bristol Road

Recording of the performed material is planned for Sunday 25th.

Participants need to bring an acoustic-electric guitar (Ovation or GCPRO), also: guitar cable, long XLR cable, DI box and a GC cushion, please.

The Project is residential, accommodation and meals will be provided.

Required contribution: EUR 430

To apply to the project and/or for further information please email

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