The Guitar Circle Of Europe Winter Performance Project

Date or timeframe: 04-01-2013 / 13-01-2013
City: Sievershausen
Country: Germany
Category(-ies): /

Director: Hernán Nuñez
Performance Team Leader: Martín De Aguirre

This project is a response to the need of presenting the new GCE ALBUM in Live Performance.
We’ll rehearse four days and then go out for three performances around the area and complete our tour at the very fine Rabotheater in Hengelo (Holland)
08.01. 20:00 hs, Café Lohengrin
Eintritt: frei, Sedanstraße 35, 30161 Hannover

09.01. 20:00 hs, Bennexer Brauhaus
Eintritt: frei, Hauptstraße 23, 31832 Springe (OT Bennigsen)

10.01.19:30 hs, Antikriegshaus Sievershausen
Eintritt: frei, Kirchweg 4A, 31275 Lehrte

12.01. 20:00 hs, Rabotheater Hengelo – Eijsinkzaal
Participants need to bring an Ovation or GCPRO guitar in top condition, a DI box, and good guitar + XLR cables, and a GC Cushion.

The project is open to those who have at least attended a GCE Performance Project, have an established Morning Sitting Practice and have taken the principles presented seriously.
In order to attend, it is required to participate in the Preparation AAD course.

An Application Letter is requested:

– Who are you? (please list all GC Courses that you have attended)
– Why do you wish to participate?
– What is your Aim?

Contribution: EUR 780
Latin America and East Europe: ask for special terms if needed.

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