Berlin Guitar Ensemble Vs. 1605munro Project – II

Date or timeframe: 23-09-2011 / 25-09-2011
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Category(-ies): /

Directed by Hernan Nunez

This three day project is open to those who have at least attended a Guitar Craft and/or a Guitar Circle Performance project.

We’ll work on Circulations suitable for material written by Andres Jankowski’s (1605MUNRO) and rehearse towards a performance in the house on Sunday evening.

A recording made last June 5th during the first project (Reverseaustral) can be heard under Music on this website

This is stage II of preparation towards possible performances and recordings planned in and around Berlin for next December.

Participants need to bring an acoustic-electric guitar (Ovation or GCPRO preferred), a guitar cable, a long XLR cable and a DI Box, please.

The project is residential, accommodation and meals will be provided.

Fee: EUR 130

Please contact the local Coordinator (George Porter) for further information:

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