Berlin Guitar Ensemble Vs. 1605munro Project – I

Date or timeframe: 04-06-2011 / 05-06-2011
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Category(-ies): /

Directed by Hernan Nunez

This weekend project is open to those who have at least attended a Guitar Craft and/or a Guitar Circle Performance project.

We’ll work on Circulations suitable for material written by Andres Jankowski’s (1605MUNRO) for this purpose, we’ll prepare/rehearse on Saturday and work with Andres and his electronica – ambient pieces on Sunday.

This is stage 1 of preparation towards possible performances and recordings planned in Berlin for the late Autumn.

The weekend is non-residential, we’ll work from 10:00 to 19:00 hs with a break for lunch (not provided), accommodation can be arranged and even be provided for a few participants.

We’ll work plugged into a small PA System, participants need to bring an acoustic-electric guitar (Ovation or GCPRO preferred) and a long guitar cable (if available a DI Box & XLR cable too).

Fee: participation is free.
Best shots to help cover the expenses will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact George Porter for further information:

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