The Guitar Circles Of Europe & Latin America. AAD (At-A-Distance) Course

Date or timeframe: 01-11-2010 / 25-02-2010
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This three month course is being offered as a response to the need expresed by Crafties worldwide to continue working in this context.

The course will be structured in two parts:

Part 1: November 1st to December 15th, 2010

A Season Holidays break: December 16th, 2010 to January 9th, 2011

Part 2 : January 10th to February 25th, 2011

AAD projects are known as “the glue between the courses”.

The course is open to those who have at least attended an Introduction to Guitar Craft and have taken the principles presented seriously. It offers the opportunity to work over an extended period of time, guided by a very experienced Team.

The material presented and to be worked on will focus on “Developing Variations” based on several Exercises that are currently being introduced by Robert. These provide a wide potential for personal practice and musical application. The presentations will be supported by video and audio files, in ways that have proven suitable for the At-A-Distance Course format.

We will also work on Division of Attention exercises; “Being in Tone” (sounding good); Right Practice; Ear Training; Special Repertoire, and Themes, the latter presented and guided by Dr. Mike Grenfell.

On this Dr.Mike writes:

“Theme work will be offered during the AAD. Themes allow us to work with our everyday surroundings and our responses to them. The group defines what we do, and how far we take it. However, at the moment, the plan is to offer four entirely new Themes. There will also be opportunity to extend the work for those who wish.”

We are open to respond to necessities of the participants as we go along during the course.

Participation requires the commitment to practice on a regular basis:

– the Morning Sitting

– guitar for one hour (or more) per day

– the exercises and instructions given

In order to participate an Application Letter is requested

– Who are you? (please list all GC Courses that you have attended)

– Why do you wish to participate?

– What is your Aim?

Fee: EUR 400
Latin America and East Europe: ask for special terms if needed.

To apply to the Course and/or for further information please contact the registrar through “contact”.

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