Advanced Beginner Course · Mexico Summer 2014

Date or timeframe: 07-07-2014 / 24-08-2014
City: Cuernavaca
Country: Mexico
Category(-ies): /

Directed by Leonardo Requejo.

With support from the North American Federation of Guitar Circles and visiting instructors. Alexander Technique will be presented by Erin Wigger (a certified AT teacher).

Arrivals: July 7th before 4 pm. (July 6th is possible), prep team arrives July 5.
Departures: August 24th by noon.

This course is open to those who have an established sitting practice and have attended an Intermediate Beginner course.

We will work together for seven weeks focusing on approaching the work in the Circle as it comes in contact with different aspects of our daily life, as stated in the Introduction to Guitar Craft:

Can we apply the quality of our relationship with the guitar to the mundane activities of our life, like cleaning the bathroom and preparing food? So, Kitchen Craft and House Craft are part of this course. The longer courses are a way of practicing the life of the musician.

This will be an opportunity to work in greater depth with the exercises presented on shorter courses, i.e. the primaries, secondaries, circulations, repertoire, etc. There may be public performances. The sitting practice, as well as The Guitarist Inside will be addressed. We will be exploring what becomes possible when we work in a group, while providing a supportive environment for individual practice.

To apply for this course please email your application letter focusing on the following questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Why do you wish to attend?
3. What is your Aim?

If accepted to attend, you’ll receive detailed information about exact location, transportation, what you need to bring, form of payment, and other practicalities.

Fee: $2,300 US ($30,000 MXN)
Discount for intercontinental travelers: 20%
Please ask for discounts and payment terms if necessary.

To apply to the Course and/or for further information please email the GCNA Registrar at

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