Principles of Guitar Circle Work

Date or timeframe: 13-07-2013
City: New York
Country: United States
Category(-ies): /

Directed by Tony Geballe and Sandra Bain Cushman.

These introductory days are open to those who have an interest in learning about the work of the Guitar Circles, based in 25-plus years work in Guitar Craft and Guitar Circles. Basic Alexander Technique work will be presented by Sandra Bain Cushman, a licensed AT teacher who has many years experience working with Guitar Craft and the Guitar Circles.

Participants are asked to bring an acoustic guitar, preferably steel-string, and we strongly recommend that a strap be purchased and strap buttons installed on the heel of the neck and the tail of the guitar. Failing that, a footstool will be necessary, but this is inferior to the use of a strap. Use of a plectrum is also recommended.

Guitar work will be conducted using the New Standard Tuning.

Fee: $50.00

To register for an Introductory Day and/or for further information please email the GCNA Registrar at

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