Send a piece of history

All those who have participated in GC activities are invited to contribute pieces of history to this collaboratively compiled online archive.

In all cases, please include your full name, email, time, place and circumstance.

“A key element is written and pictorial material to present the History Of Guitar Craft & The Guitar Circle 1985-2016.

Consider time, place, person and circumstance.

Timeline: 1985-2016. The beginning and unfolding of events. NST.

Geography: GC in the US, Europe, Japan, Argentina, Mexico.
Houses: RLH, Elizabeth at the RLH; Alfeldt.

Personal: journals, comments, reports, observations, noticings and Points Of Seeing.

Circumstances / Situations:
Projects: Performance Projects, The LCG, Bogo Tour, The OCG, The SofGC, 
Small groups: CGT, Gauchos, Big Time, Zum et al.

Local Circles:
Seattle Residential Performance Project.

The Guitarist Inside: the place of Morning Sitting, Inner Exercises.

Bodywork in GC: Alexander and T’ai Chi.
The role of women in GC.

Robert’s primary written contribution will be The Guitar Circle book;
with translations where available.”

Robert Fripp
Thursday 25th. February, 2016;
Quinta Tonantzin Retreat House, Tepoztlan, Cuernavaca, México.